Please don’t buy our albums!!

…for God’s sake think of the children!!

It has been four years since the release of Written In Stone. In that time there have been many studio upgrades in hardware, software and personal skill. The output has now increased to a quality level where it is desirable, if not entirely rational( potentially psychotic), to re-engineer the back catalogue. The songs deserve better treatment. It will probably take months but the 20 or so songs already released should be getting that spit and polish talked about. The new album is getting the best treatment and what is the point of being DIY if you can’t take creative control.

I’ve read Sting hates certain sounds on his early albums, many musicians probably do. David Coverdale re-releases old songs on later albums. Jimmy Page remasters every time Eastenders is on. Why? A musician’s muse I suppose, wanting to do well by your creation. Nothing else will probably happen for us but at least we can be proud of our work.

It will probably give a more up to date impression for bands that may wish to record at the studio too.

The newer sounding tunes will appear on Spotify and and Bandcamp initially before being rolled out elsewhere. So in the meantime please steer clear of full purchase from iTunes or Amazon or similar.

Cheers. Andy


Update 26/03/13
Hiya got number seven up and running. It’s called Beware The Moon and came to me dozin after watching American Werewolf In London one night. It is probably the closest to fantasy I’m gonna come. Don’t be scared!!
Number six Voodoo Doll is missing a guitar solo but will be uploaded soon.
I have created a Logo for band. It is the Old English language letter ‘Thorn’ with some creative alterings.
Loving the journey even if it goes nowhere. Andy


Update 14/03/13
Got another one up called House of the Mad. My ear for what I want to do is improving now so I’ll Probably re mix the other tunes I’ve got. The rest should come thick and fast now. Tarario for nowio


Update 14/12/12

Hi yall. Have managed to upload another song called Fire Me Up. It has been a bit of a stumbling block as I wanted to change the key from D to B as I though B sounded a little weightier. I can forge ahead with plans to get more into music now. Cheers if anyone listens:-)


Update 7/10/12

Hi yall.

I managed to get another one up and running.

It’s called ‘Sell Your Soul To Rock n Roll’. It’s one of the heavier ones I’ve got.” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>

Also re uploaded the first two with a slightly warmer guitar EQ and fatter snare sound. Slightly remixed as I thought vocals were too loud.
I’m probably gonna for about six before I stick em on I tunes and then try to promote the album from the website I’ve bought. Probably never gonna do anything but I just gotta get what’s in my head out so bear with me if I may be so bold.

Cheers x


Update 29/09/12

Hi yall. It’s taken me since February to get to this point getting to grips with the task, but I think I’m just about there. I booked a week off work to get through the mountain of musical things I had to do. Trying to find time to produce songs whilst rehearsing a duo, a new covers band and a full time job is a momentous challenge. I’ve had a productive week thank goodness.

I’ve managed to upload the first two tracks from Europa to Reverbnation here.” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>

I’m attempting to put the tracks in the order they appear on the album just for simplicity I think. They may not be the exact final versions mix and master wise, I’m not sure yet. The first track ‘Rock It Up’ has a one take improvised guitar solo as rushing to get away to see my sister. I’ve found in the past if I improvise and not listen to it for a while when I listen back it seems natural rather than many laboured and considered takes( I get the red light fever you know). So it may stay like that or may not, don’t know. The second guitar solo on ‘Good Day To Die’ I constructed in about an hour. If anyone’s interested in having a listen please do.

Gotta run the missus is cracking the whip.

Ta ra io!


Update 27/07/12

Getting there slowly but surely. Laying down bass and overdubs at the mo. Settled in now to new house and got rid of all boxes and rubbish so can crack on. Vocal effects, compression and eq sorted. Have altered the key of one tune which means re recording all parts but it has to be right, I’ll do that after I’ve put most of Europa tunes out. Something will be ready in next few weeks at which point I’ll sort out a proper net presence. Really enjoying the journey. Peace out Andy



All drum and guitar tracks are down now for Europa. I have also recorded all vocal tracks. Some vocal bits I want to redo but now in the middle of moving house and I’ve developed a crazy bout of hayfever. It’s maybe due to the pollen from fields of Rape around Formby but it’s making singing very difficult unless I grow to like the Donald Duck effect. It’s taking weeks longer than expected but I’d like to be happy with the first offering. More soon. Andy

English Thorn, now we gotta name!

We are an original rock band from Southport/Liverpool. It is a studio project only at the moment but the idea is to get on the road if there is enough interest in the music. It is mainly myself due to others availability for recording, live stuff will be band.

English Thorn is:

Andy McCormack- Vocals/ Guitars
Graham McCormack- Bass/Vocals
Drums – Eddie Lane Jnr

All music is written for the first album Europa and follow up Io. Now to finishing the recording. I have a lot done for Europa and I’m very happy with the songs. Most of the drum and guitar tracks are done. Europa is very ROCK!! whereas Io is a bit darker melodically with different textures but without losing the edge. Just got to start laying some of the vocals down. Music is the greatest gift possible.