A long time no hear!!

It has been roughly 18 months since the last post. I thought I’d cracked it but I had a lot more work on studio to sort. Also had some medical issues and some band issues. No one can say I haven’t tried to keep a band together but it just doesn’t seem to work. I don’t think it is anyone’s fault. It is just a lot harder later in life. People have other commitments.

So English Thorn has been on hiatus for a while whilst I follow some lifetime goals with playing. Namely playing with my Dad who is 70 this year, as crazy as he is, he is still my Da. Also playing bass in a beatles band, which has been the happiest thing I’ve ever done musically. Saying all that I never close doors and burn bridges. Everything I’ve ever done is still open and only on hiatus. So hopefully there will be another fairly heavy English Thorn album released probably in 2021, even if it still just me.

In the meantime I have been writing and recording, as I just have to. As previously mentioned some of my lighter stuff will be released solo. I will begin to release it in the next few days.

To follow my solo efforts visit. www.badgemack.com