Cracking weekend of gigs


Thanks to everyone who came to our Lancaster and Southport gigs. We had a blast. Hot and sweaty small hours of morning, if you were there you are a true rock fan.
We should be playing the Lomax pretty soon but the date is being switched around at mo so keep eyes peeled. Otherwise there is a little break on the cards live wise. We don’t really gig that heavily so catch us when you can(next gig announced soon).
The next couple of months should be spent on recording, the list of songs to get through is ridiculous. With the attempted remixes it seems to slowing to crawl…and we need to move forward. Especially with the flak from people who actually like the sound of the earlier stuff. Maybe a full albums worth is a little ambitious in the circumstances. Maybe baby steps are needed. Singles? or a few EP’s to build up to an album release? When the studio is finished we can crack on till our hearts content but in the meantime it feels right to have at least something fresh to listen to

…keep your ears peeled to the spotify playlist( there are some great rock bands on there too).



or our dedicated English Thorn one



If not I’m sure the song will be embedded in some way on our website in time.

Cheers big ears