New Album Ready!

The new album is done. Lots of graft in the studio, enjoyable but hard and time consuming work.

In the new model industry virtual releases can’t really have a ‘release date’ as such. Leaks are an issue for big artists but for small artists such as English Thorn without coordinated teams the deadline can be counterproductive to the creative process. So flexibility is key in the new way forward.

Trying before you buy is a must to most consumers and it’s natural and sensible for music lovers as well. Where radio once primed listeners for album releases, streaming is the modern equivalent for small artists(radio is obviously alive but an inflexible industry). Album releases maybe becoming less relevant in the present day streaming environment but physical media is still needed by bands in the real world.

So ‘Sleepwalk Into Oblivion’ will be made available for streaming and purchase electronically via bandcamp and iTunes as was the first album ‘Written In Stone’ and the physical release may be crowdfunded on Pledgemusic. Both physical albums will be available from the band at gigs. We are currently awaiting word from the cover artist on completion of the front cover but this will sorted in the next few days. So keep a look out for the new 13 song album on iTunes and Bandcamp over the next fortnight.


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