Tower of Strength

Spent the whole week in the studio bringing the songs to life for the next album. The track ‘Tower of Strength’ starts with a very tricky heel/toe single bass drum pattern which took me a few hours to master, but after that steady progress was made. There are now ten which may still expand slightly to eleven or twelve. I’ve been busy recruiting for live work with hope for future collaboration. Now just seeking the final piece or member in the jigsaw. Hopefully we can have some focus on live work soon. In fact that will be the main focus after the second album arrives as we’ll have more than enough material for a two hour show will a few choice Led Zeppelin, early Queen and maybe a Deep Purple tune thrown in for good measure. Bring it On!!!

Second Album Tracklisting has changed from initial predictions. It now stands as:

Mutiny On The High Seas, River Of Gold, Top Of The Mountain, One Way Street, Tower Of Strength, Shoot You Down, Love Shine Down, Black Cadillac, Voices, Devil Gotta Hold On Your Soul

The first physical album arrives in the post