We’re still here.

It’s been a slog. The studio is nearly ready so recording will start soon.
So what is going down in chinatown?
It is no secret to those who know me that I love lots of music. My favourite writers range from Joni Mitchell to Chuck Schuldiner and beyond. Therefore I write in that range; if the Beatles, Queen and Led Zeppelin can do it, why can’t English Thorn?
Well it seems we can’t. The lighter stuff seems to water down the heavy and the heavy stuff is too out there for the melodic end. English Thorn was always meant to be a heavy rock band.


It seems the music is fighting to go in two directions rather than one all encompassing thing. So it seems right to keep some of the lighter bluesy folky elements separate and release them as a solo project.
This allows ET to be fairly heavy, which is what I think people expect. I may be right I may be wrong but this is part of the journey that is music I spose.
So the next English Thorn offering will be consistently heavy rock.
The really, really heavy stuff will hopefully be released by our metal band Kontora(https://youtu.be/LieKeL-FYYs), if we can get it together after so much time.

The lighter stuff I will release under my school nickname of Badge. I started playing as Badge and most people I grew up with still know me as Badge, even the teachers called me it, my brother still calls me it. Musically, I have come full circle, for many reasons this will be the last thing I do creatively.