A long time no hear!!

It has been roughly 18 months since the last post. I thought I’d cracked it but I had a lot more work on studio to sort. Also had some medical issues and some band issues. No one can say I haven’t tried to keep a band together but it just doesn’t seem to work. I don’t think it is anyone’s fault. It is just a lot harder later in life. People have other commitments.

So English Thorn has been on hiatus for a while whilst I follow some lifetime goals with playing. Namely playing with my Dad who is 70 this year, as crazy as he is, he is still my Da. Also playing bass in a beatles band, which has been the happiest thing I’ve ever done musically. Saying all that I never close doors and burn bridges. Everything I’ve ever done is still open and only on hiatus. So hopefully there will be another fairly heavy English Thorn album released probably in 2021, even if it still just me.

In the meantime I have been writing and recording, as I just have to. As previously mentioned some of my lighter stuff will be released solo. I will begin to release it in the next few days.

To follow my solo efforts visit. www.badgemack.com

We’re still here.

It’s been a slog. The studio is nearly ready so recording will start soon.
So what is going down in chinatown?
It is no secret to those who know me that I love lots of music. My favourite writers range from Joni Mitchell to Chuck Schuldiner and beyond. Therefore I write in that range; if the Beatles, Queen and Led Zeppelin can do it, why can’t English Thorn?
Well it seems we can’t. The lighter stuff seems to water down the heavy and the heavy stuff is too out there for the melodic end. English Thorn was always meant to be a heavy rock band.


It seems the music is fighting to go in two directions rather than one all encompassing thing. So it seems right to keep some of the lighter bluesy folky elements separate and release them as a solo project.
This allows ET to be fairly heavy, which is what I think people expect. I may be right I may be wrong but this is part of the journey that is music I spose.
So the next English Thorn offering will be consistently heavy rock.
The really, really heavy stuff will hopefully be released by our metal band Kontora(https://youtu.be/LieKeL-FYYs), if we can get it together after so much time.

The lighter stuff I will release under my school nickname of Badge. I started playing as Badge and most people I grew up with still know me as Badge, even the teachers called me it, my brother still calls me it. Musically, I have come full circle, for many reasons this will be the last thing I do creatively.

Studio update

It has been a while coming but all brick and structural work for the studio is now complete. A LOT of hard work, sweat and powertools have brought us to this point. Now that bit is out of the way it should come together swiftly. Looking this week into an extraction/ air supply system, hopefully bought tomorrow morning. All soundproofing has been researched and the final layouts and designs have been decided. Most of this should happen around the week of the 24th. Exciting stuff. Just Sayin….

Cracking weekend of gigs


Thanks to everyone who came to our Lancaster and Southport gigs. We had a blast. Hot and sweaty small hours of morning, if you were there you are a true rock fan.
We should be playing the Lomax pretty soon but the date is being switched around at mo so keep eyes peeled. Otherwise there is a little break on the cards live wise. We don’t really gig that heavily so catch us when you can(next gig announced soon).
The next couple of months should be spent on recording, the list of songs to get through is ridiculous. With the attempted remixes it seems to slowing to crawl…and we need to move forward. Especially with the flak from people who actually like the sound of the earlier stuff. Maybe a full albums worth is a little ambitious in the circumstances. Maybe baby steps are needed. Singles? or a few EP’s to build up to an album release? When the studio is finished we can crack on till our hearts content but in the meantime it feels right to have at least something fresh to listen to

…keep your ears peeled to the spotify playlist( there are some great rock bands on there too).



or our dedicated English Thorn one



If not I’m sure the song will be embedded in some way on our website in time.

Cheers big ears


Spotify is Now Online

The first tune remixed ‘One Way Street’ is back up and running. The others will be added as when they are finished. The Spotify page isn’t going to feature all songs recorded. Just a decent snapshot, the ‘Primal Cuts’. Trying to speed things up a little as my song tally is becoming unmanageable. I have a list(I am sad that way) of songs I have written. Not counting collaborations I have now 107. Of about which 25 or so have been recorded so far. Gotta get a move on. Our best work I can say with confidence is definitely ahead of us.

Spotify is now offline

As previously mentioned the available songs will be removed and updated versions reintroduced. Our Spotify page is now offline for the time being. This is all gearing up for the new album which has some killer tunes on it, and a killer sound. Really gear man!!

Please don’t buy our albums!!

…for God’s sake think of the children!!

It has been four years since the release of Written In Stone. In that time there have been many studio upgrades in hardware, software and personal skill. The output has now increased to a quality level where it is desirable, if not entirely rational(..read potentially psychotic), to re-engineer the back catalogue. The songs deserve better treatment. It will probably take months but the 20 or so songs already released should be getting that spit and polish talked about. The new album is getting the best treatment and what is the point of being DIY if you can’t take creative control.

I’ve read Sting hates certain sounds on his early albums, many musicians probably do. David Coverdale re-releases old songs on later albums. Jimmy Page remasters every time Eastenders is on. Why? A musician’s muse I suppose, wanting to do well by your creation. Nothing else will probably happen for us but at least we can be proud of our work.

It will probably give a more up to date impression for bands that may wish to record at the studio too.

The newer sounding tunes will appear on Spotify and and Bandcamp initially before being rolled out elsewhere. So in the meantime please steer clear of full purchase from iTunes or Amazon or similar.

Cheers. Andy

New Album Title

Well folks it’s been a while coming but the new album has almost taken on a solid shape. The songs just need to be fleshed out. By hook or by crook it shall arrive this year. What is more…we have a title ‘Bread and Circuses’. Political? Us? …never. Google it before the X Factor comes on and the Dominos arrives. DIY is the new punk.

Also the previous two albums are getting a spit and polish with heavier guitars…oh yes!! Over and out.

T shirts

We have now left the 18th century and decided to produce some band clobber. You may adorn yourselves in glory with the things of the shop.

New Studio

Work has now started on a permanent studio facility which will serve as English Thorn’s base of operations. The brickwork is in need of some alteration but it is still more than suitable for writing, rehearsing and recording. Although a few months away from completion still, the studio means we can increase our output massively. Currently we are releasing an album every two years this could change to one per year with numerous releases in between. Exciting times.

Bass God Delivers us from Evil

We are excited to announce the arrival of our fourth member James Gee on Bass. We have played with Jim before and can bear witness to his phenomenal power and skill. This truly will get the band firing on all cylinders. The first gig we are aiming for is Macclesfield on the 26th of August. It will take a few shows for full cohesion but it should be better from the off with more guitar work adding extra layers.
Looking forward to it already.Bass god altered

The creative juices have been flowing!

Although there is already five albums worth of material for us. Song ideas have been coming thick and fast recently. The amorphous mass of ideas have crystalised into something tangible and the embryonic formation of a new album is upon us. The studio should be fired back up in order to plough the mountains of material. It’s gonna be a while though, maybe even early next year. The demons need to be exorcised. Carrying on from the previous two albums this will be a lot heavier and darker than the previous. Also as with previous efforts the working title will be Ganymede(Written in Stone-Europa, Sleepwalk Into Oblivion-io). In the meantime it’s back to the gigging!!

Great Gig In Altrincham

Many thanks to everyone who turned out for this gig.  It’s still early days for our live sound and we’re short of at least one guitarist but we still managed to have a great time. The audience had a blast and so did we. Special thanks to Jimmy for putting us on giving THREE extra dates this year. Looking forward to them already!!

We Are Ready!!!

It has taken an age. Glaciers have moved quicker than us. But…..we are now ready to rock. Playing songs from our first two albums and some tunes by bands that have shaped who we are as musicians. We will be playing local shows asap….it’s gonna be emotional! Keep your ear to the ground!

Instrument Switch

It would be understating to say finding a bass player has been a stick in the spokes. After many many permutations it now seems the solution must be to change tack. Vocalist and guitarist Andy will now take on the bass role. This will allow the band play at least some shows in a reduced capacity as a three piece until a permanent suitable guitarist or bassist is found. Initial rehearsal went swimmingly and things should now quickly fall into place….

Album Released

New album ‘Sleepwalk Into Oblivion’ digital release out now on iTunes, amazon and bandcamp. Bandcamp pricing is band controlled so is cheaper and there is a choice of high definition file types too. Enjoy!!

New Album Ready!

The new album is done. Lots of graft in the studio, enjoyable but hard and time consuming work.

In the new model industry virtual releases can’t really have a ‘release date’ as such. Leaks are an issue for big artists but for small artists such as English Thorn without coordinated teams the deadline can be counterproductive to the creative process. So flexibility is key in the new way forward.

Trying before you buy is a must to most consumers and it’s natural and sensible for music lovers as well. Where radio once primed listeners for album releases, streaming is the modern equivalent for small artists(radio is obviously alive but an inflexible industry). Album releases maybe becoming less relevant in the present day streaming environment but physical media is still needed by bands in the real world.

So ‘Sleepwalk Into Oblivion’ will be made available for streaming and purchase electronically via bandcamp and iTunes as was the first album ‘Written In Stone’ and the physical release may be crowdfunded on Pledgemusic. Both physical albums will be available from the band at gigs. We are currently awaiting word from the cover artist on completion of the front cover but this will sorted in the next few days. So keep a look out for the new 13 song album on iTunes and Bandcamp over the next fortnight.


Finishing touches to album

This weekend is steeped in pure studio. The finishing touches are going down. Some extra vocals, few tweaks and mixing. It’s taken longer than expected but these things cannot be rushed. Good good news.
Live we’re gearing up for some pretty special times. The tunes now sounding powerful, tight and the dynamics are coming through. Keep watching this space!

Rehearsals Going Well

Early stages of rehearsals going well. If all stays on course hopefully we can get some photos and videos shot and support ‘Sleepwalk’ album. As usual the album gets put farther back. Time permitting it will be out very soon. Watch this space for a Pledgemusic campaign.

Sneak Peak of New Songs from Album

A few more tunes coming to fruition for ‘Sleepwalk’ on Bandcamp. These are the latest but maybe not final mixes. Take a sneak peak https://englishthorn.bandcamp.com/album/sleepwalk-into-oblivion-2

New Members

A new bassist stepped up to the mark last night at rehearsal. Hopefully the full band can start hitting full stride soon. The video for Throw Away The key is to be taken down from You Tube as an alternative version of the song, which has been coming together over the past few months, is really starting to shine. The old version isn’t really where English Thorn’s head is at the moment. Whether the old video will see light of day again is unclear but the latest version will appear at some point.


English Thorn has been accepted by Pledgemusic. This is exciting news as it opens the door to the possibility of physical merchandise, tours, videos and a host of other avenues bands with industry backers are party to. Gets the fans involved in the music. It even presents the ultimate goal of spending more time on the music than is currently possible.

Album Update

Been busy in the studio and the second track from the new album is now ready and will be available online this week. It is truer to English Thorn than the first album. Keep your eyes peeled for Sleepwalk Into Oblivion. All songs for the album are now recorded and just need overdubs, mixing and mastering.

Cycle Of Pain

A new tune came to the fore today. Cycle Of Pain is quite a heavy track. Quite excited about it…maybe enough to add it to this album, the style really suits the other tracks on it.

Rock For Ribbons

Breast cancer charity gig Rock For Ribbons was played last night. Really enjoyed it. Played it solo as the band is yet to hit it’s stride. It was set up in the memory of dear friend Teresa Bradshaw who passed away last year. It is a fitting celebration as she loved her rock music. Went down well. There is some mobile phone footage on the video page. Next one should be a full band affair. Here’s to the next gig!!!

Here is a link to a charity song written for Teresa. It is unavailable anywhere now except here. It is upsetting if you have recently lost somebody so please be advised, although it may give you some comfort. If it helps fantastic. https://soundcloud.com/private-charity-song/taken-too-soon/s-Uc7du

Sleepwalk Into Oblivion

Had a tune come to me whilst working on the middle 8 for Tower Of Strength. Unusual rhythm for English Thorn but it’s pretty cool. Been working on the title ‘Sleepwalk Into Oblivion’ for a few weeks and it all fell together really. So the album title track is born. Quite a few heavyish tracks on here, strangely after concentrating on some acoustic tracks for a while. May have to add acoustic based Love Shine Down to album to add a little light and shade.

Tower of Strength

Spent the whole week in the studio bringing the songs to life for the next album. The track ‘Tower of Strength’ starts with a very tricky heel/toe single bass drum pattern which took me a few hours to master, but after that steady progress was made. There are now ten which may still expand slightly to eleven or twelve. I’ve been busy recruiting for live work with hope for future collaboration. Now just seeking the final piece or member in the jigsaw. Hopefully we can have some focus on live work soon. In fact that will be the main focus after the second album arrives as we’ll have more than enough material for a two hour show will a few choice Led Zeppelin, early Queen and maybe a Deep Purple tune thrown in for good measure. Bring it On!!!

Second Album Tracklisting has changed from initial predictions. It now stands as:

Mutiny On The High Seas, River Of Gold, Top Of The Mountain, One Way Street, Tower Of Strength, Shoot You Down, Love Shine Down, Black Cadillac, Voices, Devil Gotta Hold On Your Soul

The first physical album arrives in the post

Top Of The Mountain

In the studio today to put guitars down for River Of Gold. New tune coming to the boil also called Top Of The Mountain…absolute stormer in my humble opinion lol. So exciting. Have put ear to the ground for musicians to play a charity event happening soon. It is a breast cancer event set up after a close friend died recently so I’d really like to do it. We can hope…

Physical Distribution and Gig Offers

Excited about finding an avenue for physical distribution. This means all album releases will have a physical CD from now on. Written In Stone Should be available before October.

Been offered some decent gigs so it looks like getting the band back to full power is a must really. Also River Of Gold is going really well in the studio however pace really must pick up for releases. If ACDC can record a whole album in ten days where are we going wrong lol.

Aforementioned full album lyric video http://youtu.be/UZCH-Rmkbf8

You Make Me Feel So Real

A song recorded a few months back has now been made available for download. It was intended for the second album release but some songs will be released as stand alone singles beforehand. You Make Me Feel So Real is available on the audio page http://englishthorn.com/
Getting a bit of interest from some original music minded guys interested in playing with ET, always nice. Trying to rework Written In stone lyric videos to singular full album video.

Mutiny On The High Seas

New single Mutiny On The High Seas available for streaming and download today on the audio page. It is the first track from the second album. http://englishthorn.com/audio/

Acoustic rehearsals are going well. Some songs are really suited to a stripped down treatment and the melody shines through. Some need the band behind them. It is possible these tunes may be omitted or some accompaniment may be used in order to do some solo gigs.

Remix Update

The remix of Written In Stone is finished and will be available soon as possible. A few edits and additions here and there too. Two and a bit years in the making I am very proud of the effort but I can happily say it’s now onto the next album which should be a bit more personal. As WIS had a working title of Europa album number two Shall be called Io or io. That starts today with the intended opener Mutiny On The High Seas…….to the studio!!!! Should be on Bandcamp for a listen soon.

Dark Times Ahead

It has been very hard over the past few months trying to get members together from their respective projects. Financial investment has become an issue. Such is life as an independent artist. Head down crack on. So the next few songs should be One Way Street, Mutiny On The High Seas, Love Shine Down, Tower Of Strength and River Of Gold.

Remix Update

Now looking for a bass player. Written In Stone has been removed from Bandcamp until it is remixed. Only House Of The Mad to go which will be have a different arrangement.

Bass Player Leaves

Unfortunately Dave has had to leave due to family commitments. We wish him well. This will set us back trying to get ready for live dates though sadly. The search for another bass player continues!

Big Bad Sky

The guys have been in the studio to rerecord Big Bad Sky to give it a punchier feel. Keep your ears to the ground. Also new song Mutiny On The High Seas is taking shape and promises to be our most epic yet. We’re enjoying the journey!!

Written In Stone Remix

A decision has been made to remix the album Written In Stone before it’s physical release. The remixing is underway and can be heard on Soundcloud with most of the Written In Stone album having a sonic makeover, but it will take a while yet. The remix is intended to give the album an earthier feel.The digital version out now will soon be no longer available. The back to strength band is getting tighter and more powerful with every rehearsal. The new songs are coming which gives us an indication the release of the second album may actually be later this year. Which all adds to the live show too!!

Throw Away The Key


The video for Throw Away The Key is now available to view online in our video section. We’re really pleased with it, hope you enjoy it. The song was written with the video in mind. We intended to shoot more footage at a prison type location but funds and time became an issue and restricted the video to this recording studio style affair. The band members were fleeting members of English Thorn but both had other commitments.

Studio Intentions

We will be putting down drum tracks and bass track for Big Bad Sky today in the studio. An accompanying video will be produced over the next couple of months whilst getting out and playing some gigs.

Album Songs Coming To lIfe

Our intended second guitarist hasn’t come to fruition. However, the songs from second album are really taking shape. They include Big Bad Sky, Meet My Maker, You Make Me Feel So Real, River Of Gold, Throw Away The Key, Mutiny On The High Seas, Devil Has A Hold Of Your Soul, The Golden Rule and Put Up Your Dukes. Really shaping up to be powerful live punchy tunes.

Classic Rock Magazine

CR cd back26-02-2014
We are very proud to announce that we are now featured in the April issue of Classic Rock Magazine(issue 195) out today. We have a song ‘Fire Me Up’ on the covermount CD and a posting about us on page 89. Here’s hoping it’s the first of many appearances. Many thanks to Ken at CR for contacting us.

Website Back Up and Running

Website back up and running! The band are just getting back on it’s feet after losing guitarist and bassist at the end of 2013. The good ship is back on course after new bassist jumped on board. Rehearsals are going well and we are writing new songs all the time. Which means album number two material is quickening into life. The new material is sounding great with a leaning towards shorter melodic punchy songs. A second guitarist is in the pipeline too which means we should be up a rocking very soon playing live in support of album Written In Stone. More news very soon.


Update 26/03/13
Hiya got number seven up and running. It’s called Beware The Moon and came to me dozin after watching American Werewolf In London one night. It is probably the closest to fantasy I’m gonna come. Don’t be scared!!
Number six Voodoo Doll is missing a guitar solo but will be uploaded soon.
I have created a Logo for band. It is the Old English language letter ‘Thorn’ with some creative alterings.
Loving the journey even if it goes nowhere. Andy


Update 14/03/13
Got another one up called House of the Mad. My ear for what I want to do is improving now so I’ll Probably re mix the other tunes I’ve got. The rest should come thick and fast now. Tarario for nowio


Update 14/12/12

Hi yall. Have managed to upload another song called Fire Me Up. It has been a bit of a stumbling block as I wanted to change the key from D to B as I though B sounded a little weightier. I can forge ahead with plans to get more into music now. Cheers if anyone listens:-)


Update 7/10/12

Hi yall.

I managed to get another one up and running.

It’s called ‘Sell Your Soul To Rock n Roll’. It’s one of the heavier ones I’ve got.

http://www.reverbnation.com/englishthorn” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>www.reverbnation.com/englishthorn” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>

Also re uploaded the first two with a slightly warmer guitar EQ and fatter snare sound. Slightly remixed as I thought vocals were too loud.
I’m probably gonna for about six before I stick em on I tunes and then try to promote the album from the website I’ve bought. Probably never gonna do anything but I just gotta get what’s in my head out so bear with me if I may be so bold.

Cheers x


Update 29/09/12

Hi yall. It’s taken me since February to get to this point getting to grips with the task, but I think I’m just about there. I booked a week off work to get through the mountain of musical things I had to do. Trying to find time to produce songs whilst rehearsing a duo, a new covers band and a full time job is a momentous challenge. I’ve had a productive week thank goodness.

I’ve managed to upload the first two tracks from Europa to Reverbnation here.

http://www.reverbnation.com/englishthorn” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>www.reverbnation.com/englishthorn” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>

I’m attempting to put the tracks in the order they appear on the album just for simplicity I think. They may not be the exact final versions mix and master wise, I’m not sure yet. The first track ‘Rock It Up’ has a one take improvised guitar solo as rushing to get away to see my sister. I’ve found in the past if I improvise and not listen to it for a while when I listen back it seems natural rather than many laboured and considered takes( I get the red light fever you know). So it may stay like that or may not, don’t know. The second guitar solo on ‘Good Day To Die’ I constructed in about an hour. If anyone’s interested in having a listen please do.

Gotta run the missus is cracking the whip.

Ta ra io!


Update 27/07/12

Getting there slowly but surely. Laying down bass and overdubs at the mo. Settled in now to new house and got rid of all boxes and rubbish so can crack on. Vocal effects, compression and eq sorted. Have altered the key of one tune which means re recording all parts but it has to be right, I’ll do that after I’ve put most of Europa tunes out. Something will be ready in next few weeks at which point I’ll sort out a proper net presence. Really enjoying the journey. Peace out Andy



All drum and guitar tracks are down now for Europa. I have also recorded all vocal tracks. Some vocal bits I want to redo but now in the middle of moving house and I’ve developed a crazy bout of hayfever. It’s maybe due to the pollen from fields of Rape around Formby but it’s making singing very difficult unless I grow to like the Donald Duck effect. It’s taking weeks longer than expected but I’d like to be happy with the first offering. More soon. Andy

English Thorn, now we gotta name!

We are an original rock band from Southport/Liverpool. It is a studio project only at the moment but the idea is to get on the road if there is enough interest in the music. It is mainly myself due to others availability for recording, live stuff will be band.

English Thorn is:

Andy McCormack- Vocals/ Guitars
Graham McCormack- Bass/Vocals
Drums – Eddie Lane Jnr

All music is written for the first album Europa and follow up Io. Now to finishing the recording. I have a lot done for Europa and I’m very happy with the songs. Most of the drum and guitar tracks are done. Europa is very ROCK!! whereas Io is a bit darker melodically with different textures but without losing the edge. Just got to start laying some of the vocals down. Music is the greatest gift possible.