Please don’t buy our albums!!

…for God’s sake think of the children!!

It has been four years since the release of Written In Stone. In that time there have been many studio upgrades in hardware, software and personal skill. The output has now increased to a quality level where it is desirable, if not entirely rational( potentially psychotic), to re-engineer the back catalogue. The songs deserve better treatment. It will probably take months but the 20 or so songs already released should be getting that spit and polish talked about. The new album is getting the best treatment and what is the point of being DIY if you can’t take creative control.

I’ve read Sting hates certain sounds on his early albums, many musicians probably do. David Coverdale re-releases old songs on later albums. Jimmy Page remasters every time Eastenders is on. Why? A musician’s muse I suppose, wanting to do well by your creation. Nothing else will probably happen for us but at least we can be proud of our work.

It will probably give a more up to date impression for bands that may wish to record at the studio too.

The newer sounding tunes will appear on Spotify and and Bandcamp initially before being rolled out elsewhere. So in the meantime please steer clear of full purchase from iTunes or Amazon or similar.

Cheers. Andy